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What is CP

Cerebral palsy is a broad term, which covers several different sets of symptoms with similar manifestations and causes

About the Fund

"CO "Palms of Happiness CP" was founded in 2015. The main aim of the Foundation is to help children with CP.

Memo for personnel in public places

CO "Palms of Happiness CP" prepared a memo about correct communication with people with CP in public places (Available in Ukrainian only)

Our Partners


We have helped

  • Vova Myronchuk

    (8 years)
    Do you want to cheer yourself up in this dark day? Just look at this sun, our lovely Vovchyk, and you can not to smile! :)A few days ago he returned from his 12th course of rehabilitation at the clinic in Truskavets,...
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  • Smila child orphanage

    In Smila orphanage currently live 184 pupil, aged 4 to 35 years, with various features of physical and mental development; Down Syndrome, moderate and profound mental retardation, cerebral palsy etc. There are also very heavy kids - 48 pupils with cerebral palsy...
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  • Eva Bilan

    (3 years)
    Eva has quite serious diagnosis since her birth: tracheostomy and associated complications. This means that a child can not breathe and swallow by itself. So for a long time she was in intensive care and even experienced clinical death. But our...
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  • Alex Stukan

    (15 years)
    Alex is very clever boy, but unfortunately, he can not walk by himself. That is why he constantly needs diapers, which now are not cheap. Our Foundation has pledged to provide diapers for Alex on a regular basis.
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  • Mariyka Zotsenko

    (7 years)
    We are always happy to receive good news from our wards and share them with you :) Today we are pleased by mum of Maria Zotsenko sharing impressions after a recent trip to the rehabilitation clinic in Truskavets."Many thanks from all...
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  • Help to little Elisey

    (4 years)
    Little Elisey is a year and a half. He is the second child in a happy Kudinov family. At first he, his father Anton, his mother Ira and sister Varvara lived in Luhansk, then they moved from their native city...
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  • A trip to the zoo with children from orphanage for disabled

    Svyatoshinskyi orphanage brings up disabled boys with disabilities of physical and intellectual development. There are 200 foster children in it, aged 4 to 25 years.We have never worked with orphanages with children with disabilities so far, so we treated the...
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  • Purchase of diapers, mixtures and toys for prematurely born Illia Bagrakov

    Illia Bagrakov was prematurely born at 28th week with a weight of just 1100 grams. Hemorrhage after birth resulted in hematoma, and he was diagnosed with hydrocephalus. Illia undergone neurosurgical shunting in order to deprive him of headaches and excessive...
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  • A museum trip with guests from the camp for children from ATO area

    “Forest outpost" is a unique volunteer camp, which welcomes children aged 6 to 18 years from ATO area for health improvement and psychological rehabilitation. It is located in Dymer urban settlement, Vyshgorod district, Kyiv region. Anastasiia Stepanova, a physical education...
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  • A bed for a little princess

    Antonina Mykytiuk is a mother of four children, who was left alone after her husband-priest died. She lives with her children in Salyvinky village, Kyiv region.Mother Antonina is 33 years old, the couple lived together for 16 years. There are...
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